The tools that’ll streamline and systemise all aspects of your digital business


Taking care of the things you don’t need to


Stay connected with your community 


Protect your time, energy and sanity

Affiliate Disclaimer: For some of the products/services that I recommend below, if you click a link and make a purchase, I earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you).


As a solopreneur, these tools take care of the things you don’t need to be focusing on


Backup Assistant

Why I use it

  • It’s an easy and safe way to back up all my files online (i.e. heaps of photo and video content)
  • If you lose any files or your laptop gets stolen, you can get your data back quickly & easily
  • It’s helped centralise all data that I’ve previously had across hard-drives & Google Drive/Dropbox
  • This is for you ifyou want the peace-of-mind of being securely backed up at all times


Networking Assistant

Why I use it

  • It’s a seamless digital contact card platform that avoids the need for business cards
  • It automatically updates all of your branding if you make changes to roles, titles or companies
  • You can exchange details through QR codes, NFC cards, Apple Watch and email signatures
  • This is for you ifyou want a paperless solution to exchanging contact details


Scheduling Assistant

Why I use it

  • Back’n’forth messaging, or emails, just to organise a call genuinely drains me
  • Instead, share a single link and let the other person select times according to your availability
  • It syncs with your preferred calendar and video call platforms…so it saves you hours
  • This is for you if…you regularly schedule phone/video calls & want a streamlined process


AI-Notetaking Assistant

Why I use it

  • It’s free to use and super easy to get setup
  • It delivers insanely accurate and valuable meeting summaries, takeaways and next steps
  • It works with all major video communication platforms (i.e. Zoom, Meet, Teams etc)
  • This is for you if…you want to focus on conversations…not taking notes of the conversation


Writing Assistant

Why I use it

  • It integrates everywhere that I type – desktop & mobile app, websites, docs, messages & emails
  • It’s a real-time “double-checker” and ensures you communicate as effectively as you intended
  • I also love that it helps adapt your writing to a specific style or tone
  • This is for you ifyou want your writing to convey your message effectively


Password Assistant

Why I use it

  • It’s basically my “digital life manager” – passwords, secure notes & bank cards all in one place
  • I love the secure Password Generator and Health tools that keep my passwords fresh
  • Emergency Access also lets you share your passwords with a loved in case anything happens
  • This is for you if…you rely on memory for passwords and/or you’re at risk of being hacked

Quickbooks Self Employed

Accounting Assistant

Why I use it

  • It takes care of invoicing, expense & GST tracking & the key docs my accountant needs
  • The mobile app comes in #clutch to snap receipts of expenses & auto-process them
  • Even though there are free invoicing tools, this tool integrates everything a solopreneur needs
  • This is for you if…you’re turning your hobby into a legitimate business


Written Testimonials Assistant

Why I use it

  • It’s become the easiest (and sexiest) for me to collect, manage, and share social proof for free
  • Your favourite creators are using it (over 9000 creators, founders, and makers!)
  • This is for you if…your testimonial collection process is a #hotmess i.e. DM screenshots 


Video Testimonials Assistant

Why I use it

  • This is why I love it (linked video)
  • tl;dr – this is the most efficient and effective way of collecting video testimonials
  • This is for you if…you’d want to collect video testimonials from clients in a stress-free way


How I stay connected with my community 


Messaging - Mobile

Why I use it

  • Insanely generous data plans that are affordable, valuable and without contracts
  • Data banking (“rollover”) means that you save all unused data from previous periods
  • Lets me hotspot when I travel, work in cafes & co-working spaces, with limitless data
  • This is for you if…you’re AU-based, own your phone outright and want a lot of data


Messaging - Newsletter

Why I use it

  • Out of all the email platforms I’ve tried – this is the best for beginners starting a newsletter
  • You can get started with a free plan and won’t pay a penny until you hit 1000 subscribers
  • You can create free landing pages to direct followers to sign up for your newsletter
  • This is for you if…you’re brand new to email marketing and want to start your email list


Messaging - Private Messaging

Why I use it

  • It works everywhere – mobile, desktop & in a web-browser
  • It helps me communicate with clients, as well as my private create community
  • It helps keep discussions (and my sanity) in check by separating into unique #channels
  • This is for you if…you’re sick of using WhatsApp/Messenger for business-related chats


Messaging - Screen Narrations

Why I use it

  • The free plan lets you host up to 25 free videos (so just delete old ones to keep your quota)
  • It’s the most effective way of providing narrated screen recordings to customers & clients
  • It hosts all of your videos, includes AI-transcriptions summaries and chapter marks
  • This is for you if…you want to cut-down on unnecessary meetings or back’n’forths


Messaging - Video Collaboration

Why I use it

  • You can get started on their free plan that lets you host up to 2GB of video (plenty to get started)
  • It allows you and your video collaborators to provide timestamp-specific feedback
  • You/your editor can import & action the timestamp comments straight into their editing program
  • This is for you if…you collaborate on video content and need a streamlined review process

EasyWP Hosting

Website - Hosting

Why I use it

  • If you’re a building a website on WordPress, then it’s the fastest and most affordable option
  • The installation was lightning fast – it was basically ready in less than a minute with a click
  • As I hate getting technical so I love that EasyWP puts everything into a simple dashboard
  • This is for you if…you want a website host that’s 100% optimised for WordPress sites

Elementor Pro

Website - Builder

Why I use it

  • It’s one of the leading website builders for WordPress sites and it’s how I’ve built this site
  • You don’t need any website coding experience – it’s an intuitive “drag and drop” builder
  • All plans come with +100 widgets, +300 templates, landing page and pop-up builders
  • This is for you if…you’re building 1 website and don’t have a background in web coding


Website - Domain

Why I use it

  • One of the most affordable website domain name providers on the internet
  • They’re an all-in-one platform – you can add on hosting, email and security (SSL Certificates)
  • Their support team is epic – I get replies within minutes of reaching out and fast resolutions
  • This is for you if…you’re ready to build your website & move off social media platforms


Protect and scale your time, energy and sanity with these tools


Workflow - Content

Why I use it

  • Notes scattered across Google Drive, Evernote, Trello, JIRA & Apple Notes? You need Notion
  • It’s minimalist design, versatile functions & intuitive interface is the reason it runs my business
  • It’s like a second-brain that can organise and structure all of your scattered ideas
  • This is for you if…you’re anyone, that does anything with the internet (seriously, use this!)

The Operating System

Workflow - LinkedIn

Why I use it

  • LinkedIn is the strange sibling in the social media family – it’s a little cringe
  • But chances are that your audience (professionals, startups, businesses) are actively there
  • This <60-min course is your no-BS blueprint to grow & monetise your LinkedIn account
  • This is for you if…you’re clueless on how to optimise and systemise your LinkedIn brand

Desky Dual Melamine Desk

Equipment - Standing Desk

Why I use it

  • “Sitting is the new smoking” (Not convinced? Read this)
  • I want to avoid a lifetime of back issues if I’m going to be working in offices or at home
  • The desk is easy-to-assemble, quiet and lets you pre-program 4 adjustable heights 
  • This is for you if…you don’t want back issues later in life and plan to WFH a lot

Desky Rectangle Standing Mat

Equipment - Standing Mat

Why I use it

  • It cushions my feet and keeps blood flowing when standing at my desk
  • The anti-slip backing keeps the mat firmly locked in place
  • Super easy to clean and maintain with just a cloth and water (or vacuum)
  • This is for you if…you plan to invest in a sit-stand desk and want your feet to be supported