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For those who are ready to conquer their content creation without flashy editing, expensive equipment or burnout 🥵

The Proven System to (Finally) Start Creating Content Consistently

The Storyteller Sprints is a cohort-based program specifically designed for digital solopreneurs, creators and founders to scale their brand’s influence, impact and income through sustainable content creation.

Enrolments for the January 2024 Storyteller Sprint close at 6pm AEST Friday 22nd December.

From then on, you can join our waitlist to be notified when we open enrollment for the next Storyteller Sprint.

Enrolments for the latest Storyteller Sprint cohort have closed. 

Join our waitlist so you’ll be first notified when we next open enrolments for the next Storyteller Sprint.


Join Those That Have Conquered Their Content Creation

Inside of a Sprint...

Being in this community has made me more consistent on YouTube in the last month than I have been in the last 2 years

Paolo Garde – Tech & Lifestyle YouTuber


The issue isn't that you don't know how to create content.

(Heck, my mum could in 30 mins with YouTube!)

The issue is that you're not creating content consistently.

And you're not alone...



1 in 2*

digital creators are overwhelmed by the “pressure to post everywhere


You “spray and pray” content across all platforms without a strategy and feel frustrated when your efforts yield…peanuts

*ConvertKit, 2022


3 in 4*

digital creators create content by themselves without any support


You don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off, learn from or receive honest and qualified feedback (sorry mum)

*ConvertKit, 2022


9 in 10*

digital creators experience burnout and stop creating content


Your audience (and the algorithm) goes “cold” on you, sinking your traffic, leads or subscriber growth faster than the Titanic

*Vibely, 2021

If you’ve experienced at least 1 of these 3, we got you.


If you could...

Know exactly what content/platform to focus on (and stop the guesswork)

Carousels? Short or long-form video? Streaming? Podcasts? Emails? Building your blog? Or whatever the next "trending" content format or platform is?

It's time to tailor a strategy for you that is the natural intersection between your strengths as a storyteller and how your audience is consuming content.

Get ahead of your content creation schedule (finally!)

Feel like you're constantly on the back foot of your posting schedule, and always feeling forced to come up with ideas, content or captions on the fly?

It's time to get off the content creation hamster wheel by leveraging tools & systems that work for, not against, you.

Feel supported by others (in the exact same boat as you!)

Even if your mates, team-mates or colleagues appreciate you...chances are that they just don't get it when it comes to content creation.

It's time to link up with like-minded legends that motivate, inspire and push you and your team to continue learning and improving

Inside of a Sprint...

"I'm actually enjoying this more than I thought I would"

Tri Tran – Online Coach

“You do not rise to the level of your goals.

You fall to the level of your systems”

James Clear
Best-Selling Author of Atomic Habits


The Storyteller Sprints


The Proven System to (Finally) Create Content Consistently


Failing to plan is planning to fail.

It starts with building your strategy a.k.a. "game plan". Research proves it - you're 42% more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down (Matthews, G, 2007).

Let's build your content creation strategy - a sustainable system that works, even when you're not.


Doing it alone isn't a winning position.

So why not leverage the power of social accountability that makes you x6.5 times more likely to complete a goal when you declare & share it with others (ASTD, 2015).

Let's keep you on track and committed to your goals through ongoing support & feedback.


Motivation is fleeting.

Here's what isn't - the 95% chance of completing a goal when you have an 'accountability appointment' with a person or group you've committed to (ASTD, 2015).

Let's nail your consistency with weekly check-ins, support calls and resources to keep you on track.


What it's like being a Storyteller during a Sprint

Inside of a Sprint...

So far, my feedback has been: The game plan you've made is flawless.
I can't see a problem with any of the steps.

Travis James – Growth Marketer 


How Sprints Work


We don’t believe in online courses stacked with dozens of modules.

We believe (and have proven) that taking action leads to the biggest impact on your content creation.

Here's a sneak peak inside of a Storyteller Sprint


Build Your Game Plan

We’ll kick off your Sprint with a 1:1 virtual workshop to tailor a plan based off your natural strengths as a Storyteller by focusing on just 1 format & 1 platform, for your Sprint.


Join Our Community

This is where the party starts – meet your fellow Storytellers that’ll crank content alongside you during your Sprint.


Start Creating Content

What we’re here for…but this time, it’ll be done consistently. With your Game Plan locked in, it’s time to start creating.


Get Real Support

Use our private Slack channel to get unstuck from any content creation challenges…or for some tough love!


Track Your Progress

There’s no hiding here! Nothing’s more powerful than a public scorecard to track your progress and stay accountable.


Celebrate Your Wins

Each week, we have Sprint Check-In & Support calls to track your progress, overcome challenges & celebrate your wins 🎉


Double-down on what works.

Ditch what doesn't.



Inside of a Sprint...

Just posted my first TikTok video from the content I previously filmed. It was so easy but I was so nervous!! Thanks for encouraging me!!

Norman Truong


Daniel 'Mamba' Odoi

The Smartphone Storyteller🤳🏽

Trusted for digital storytelling by:


Daniel 'Mamba' Odoi

The Smartphone Storyteller🤳🏽

Hey legend,

I created the Storyteller Sprints after years of struggling to staying consistent with content creation for my personal brand, as well as for the side-hustles I’ve started, or the businesses I’ve collaborated with.

With over 10 years of experience as a marketing professional, videographer and content creator, my issue wasn’t that I didn’t know how to create content – it was that I didn’t have a system to ensure that I continued making it.

So after devouring and implementing every book I could on habit formation, social psychology and creativity, I finally found a system that worked for me (even if I didn’t feel like working).

I started getting asked more and more by other digital creators about how I was creating and sustaining so much content without burning out?

That’s when I realised that my system could help others and started showing others how they could implement it to conquer their own content creation.

And it worked.

That’s why it’s my vision to help you create content that is sustainable, strategic and (seriously) fun in the same way it has for dozens of creative professionals just like you, through the Storyteller Sprints

See you inside the next sprint!

🕺🏽 Mamba


How It Started

Play Video

Part 1 - The Challenge

If you suck at staying consistent at anything…

Then you’re not alone.

I jumped on ~30 Zoom calls with creative professionals across my network earlier this year.

And on the topic of staying consistent with content creation, I heard the same 3 key challenges again and again.

So across these 3 videos, I’m pumped to share with you what I found and how you can (finally) start being consistent at anything…

Play Video

Part 2 - The Research

Turns out – you just need 3 things.

To have the best likelihood of being consistent with anything in life.

1️⃣ FOCUS – You’re razor sharp on what to invest your energy, attention and time, and just as importantly, what NOT to.

2️⃣ SUPPORT – You’ve got like-minded legend/s in your life on the same journey as you, supporting you (and giving a bit of tough love when necessary)

3️⃣ ACCOUNTABILITY – You have regular check-ins with yourself or others to reflect, assess and course-correct.

So if you combined all 3…wouldn’t it be impossible NOT to be consistent?

Fortunately, I found 4 creative professionals willing to test out my hypothesis…

Play Video

Part 3 - The Results

And the results were in…

…and they weren’t good.

They were F*****G GREAT!

After 30 days of committing to a *B.A.M of weekly content creation…

*(Bare 🍑$$ Minimum)

…EVERYONE in the Sprint nailed it, surprised themselves and used the momentum to go above and beyond.

And THAT’S how The Storyteller Sprints was born.

🚀 The proven system to nail content creation process and scale your influence, impact and income through digital storytelling.

Are The Storyteller Sprints right for you?

This IS for you if...

This IS NOT for you if...


Select Your Sprint

Your Investment

You know yourself best.

We’ll meet you wherever you’re at.

Prices in AUD. GST applies in Australia

All prices in USD. GST applies in Australia

⚡️ Your Storyteller Sprint

Scale your digital influence, impact and income.
AUD 697
  • 1 x 1-on-1 Virtual Workshop with Mamba to build your personalised Content Creation Game Plan for your Sprint
  • 8 x Check-In & Support Group Calls for ongoing accountability, support and feedback from your cohort, taking place on Monday & Friday afternoon each week.
  • Access to our Slack Messaging Group for regular updates, feedback & encouragements during your Sprint.
  • Access to our Storyteller Dashboard, packed with resources to level up your content creation
  • Ongoing Membership in our ever-growing community of digital solopreneurs, creators & founders that includes exclusive invitations to offline community events
  • Priority Preference to nominate to join future Sprints ahead of our waitlist
  • [BONUS] The Digital Rebrand Masterclass (valued at A$97) will give you a no-BS blueprint to refresh your digital presence (headshot, brand colours, fonts & logo)

💪🏼 Standard

For those that want accountability and support for a focused period of growth
USD 247
  • 30-Day Cohort Sprint with up to 10 fellow Storytellers (designed to stay small)
  • 8 x Check-In & Support Group Calls for accountability, support and feedback
  • Access to our Private Messaging Group for daily updates & support from your community
  • Access to our Storyteller Dashboard with our Sprint tracker & content creation resources

🚀 Supreme

For those that want to fast-track their progress and maintain the momentum
USD 397
  • Everything in Standard plus
  • 1-on-1 Virtual Workshop with Mamba to build and deliver your personalised Content Game Plan
  • 1 x Standard Sprint enrolment for any future Storyteller Sprint cohort
  • [BONUS] Access to The Smartphone Masterclass to fast-track your content creation

⚡️ Supercharged

For those that are serious about scaling and monetising their brand
USD 697
  • Everything in Supreme plus
  • 3 x 1-on-1 Coaching Calls with Mamba to deep-dive, troubleshoot & overcome challenges
  • 1-to-1 Priority Messaging from Mamba for real-time support, accountability & feedback
  • [BONUS] Lifetime access to 'Standard' enrolment for all future Storyteller Sprint cohorts


What you can achieve
during a Sprint


Hear from Storytellers that have Conquered their Content

“…I’ve grown up about 400% across all the platforms that I was focusing on, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without the community”

Michael Lim

Online Writer & Entrepreneur @michaellim.co

“If you’re in this for the long-term, you need to find a community. You need to find a team of people who…value the same thing as you – so join the Sprints.'”

“…being able to create effortlessly, I was able to go from creating something that took me 5 hours to edit to something that would take now me 30 minutes”

Aaron Barnes

High Performance Coach @aaronbarnes_tv

“You’re gonna feel so supported. You’re gonna learn all of the different systems for you to be able to get to that next level and you will be challenged”

“…having this tailored plan mapped out from the very beginning, just gave me the clarity and confidence to just go out there and attack it”

Antonie 'Ant' Ng

Personal Branding & Storytelling Coach @antonie_ng

“Don’t sit on the fence…looking at all the incredible things that are happening in the Sprints. I wish I started sooner. The access, support and level of inspiration you’ll get in this community – it’s unmatched.”

“…doing the program has helped me know what to post and how to, as well as make a plan around my schedule”

Dale Cohen

Director @playonsoundandlighting

“I really didn’t know I was going to post and where. And it was quite hard for me, especially over lockdown, where I wanted to stay visible to my clients…”

“…without the support from this group, I don’t think I could’ve scaled up this much

Cindy Moon

Mental Health Creator @cindyhwmoon

“…content creation is a f***ing lonely process. But when I joined [today’s] call, I wasn’t even sure how I was doing but then you guys all said ‘Cindy you’re doing SOO well!'”

“Now I can confidently put together video content & show up on social media”

Tri Tran

Head Coach @thealphaden.au

“I would recommend the program for business owners that want to level up their content creation. A no-BS program, you just get what you need”

“This definitely changed the trajectory of my life and how I view content creation in my own personal brand”

Paolo Garde

Tech Professional & YouTuber @PGBlanks

“This is a group of very diverse creators across different life stages, different niches, different channels..and because you’re accountable to more people…you step up your game”

“…what used to take me about 3 days of video editing now takes me less than 1 day”

Diveakssh Schae

Audio Nomad @diveaksskschae

“I learned how to do things a lot more efficiently so thank you, because you’ve actually given me back time so I can focus on my main craft, which is sound & music”

“…one of my biggest wins has been learning and how to reposition myself”

Michael Francis

Chartered Accountant @michaeljfrancis

“…we all brainstorm solutions for everyone, and it’s honestly just the best collection of minds. It’s really like a mastermind where everyone’s giving their $0.02, and it’s really helpful.”

“…we have a process now and it’s not just one person’s responsibility”

Matt Perrott

CEO & Co-Founder @BuildPass

“We had no systems, no inspiration to create video, and it always seemed really difficult. Now, lots of people are contributing and we’ve got a really good process in place”

“…the follow-up check-ins kept us on track and maintained the momentum”

James Kepui

Communications Officer @Wuchopperen

“We didn’t really have a way of creating a video at Wuchopperen and we also have a small communications team, so it was difficult to coordinate video ideas.”

“The live chats are what motivates me to stay consistent with my content creation”

Charlie Ehlers

Real Estate Investing Expert @thelandlordsociety

“…for anyone interested in wanting to create content and build your personal brand, the community that Mamba has created here is gonna be a no-brainer”

“…being able to create effortlessly, I was able to go from creating something that took me 5 hours to edit to something that would take now me 30 minutes”

Aaron Barnes

High Performance Coach @aaronbarnes_tv

“You’re gonna feel so supported. You’re gonna learn all of the different systems for you to be able to get to that next level and you will be challenged, right. You will actually be challenged to get yourself to that next level.”

“…I’ve grown up about 400% across all the platforms that I was focusing on, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without the community”

Michael Lim

Online Writer & Entrepreneur @michaellim.co

“If you’re in this for the long-term, you need to find a community. You need to find a team of people who are on the same goals, who value the same thing as you…so join the sprints.'”

“Within the first 2 weeks of (video prospecting) I’ve already had good success and will be ramping up production in the coming weeks”

Reuben Soares

Sales Account Executive @reubensoares

“I’d recommend this to anyone that wants to create the best video content full stop…a lot of the skills I learned are very transferrable to any aspect of video content”

Inside of a Sprint...

Quick updates on my sprint: 3 x newsletters sent out and 4th already written - I have 9 subscribers so enjoying the process of it!

Michael Francis – Online Accountant

You've got questions?

We've got answers!

You can definitely go with the free groups – we’ve tried them all.

And the results (or lack thereof) we’ve had from being in free groups are why we don’t believe in them.

We believe that when people pay, they pay attention and take action.

And that’s why we designed the Storyteller Sprints that way – we focus on your results, not having the largest “free community” of non-action takers.

The Storyteller Sprints doesn’t run like a traditional self-paced course, because after personally delivering courses over the last 2 years, the results just weren’t as strong when compared to cohort-styled communities that quite simply – take A LOT of action.

While we do have plenty of content creation resources, our emphasis is to build your muscle consistency with content creation.

Why? Because we’ve had dozens of dozens of students in the past prove time and time again that THE most effective way of improving your content creation is to create it consistently, with real-time feedback, support and accountability 🙂

We do but…

Across our entire community of talented creative professionals, we’ve literally got every platform and content format covered when it comes to subject-matter expertise

So rather than us wasting time creating courses and worksheets that you’ll (probably) never sit through, study and/or use #letsbehonest, we know that when we workshop challenges in real-time during our weekly calls and point you in the right direction of your next best step, you’re far more likely to take action immediately

It also avoids you “boiling the ocean” of learning a tonne of information, +95% of which you won’t apply immediately (and hence forget)

Action is the best teacher, and we’ll keep reminding you of that.

The Storyteller Sprints are designed to be small (like a lean team of Navy SEALs).

We typically have between 5-10 Storytellers per sprint, so you’re not lost amongst a sea of randoms and actually feel like you know everyone like they’re your best mate.

Each week, we host 2 x 1-hour Check-In & Support calls for accountability & feedback.

Sprint Check-In (Mandatory): Every Friday @ 3pm AEST / 4pm AEDT

Storyteller Support (Optional): Every Monday @ 12pm AEST / 1pm AEDT

We also suggest spending a few minutes every day to read updates in our Slack channel, that’ll include new resources, tips and insights, and an opportunity to share your own updates, challenges or request for feedback

Beyond that – your time commitment towards your own content creation is established by you and your schedule.

That’s because we’ve designed the Sprint to be adaptable to the amount of time that you’re willing to consistently commit to content creation every week.

Some Storytellers can do 15-20 hours a week, or just 20-30 mins per day – it’s up to you.

What matters MORE is that you are consistent with your time commitment, and we’ll establish this during your workshop session together.

Instead of overcommitting to more hours than you can actually sustain, we’ll aim to “undercommit” initially and then slowly increase your time commitment when you’ve been consistent over an extended period.

Every member of the Storyteller Sprints is busy.

Every single one of us.

So the question isn’t about whether you “have time” – it’s about whether content creation is a priority for you or not.

We get it – life happens!

We’ve had plenty of Storytellers had to drop out due to urgent life commitments so if that occurs, we keep things easy.

You have the option of reserving your spot for the next Storyteller Sprint intake and starting afresh, or you can drop your spot and request a pro-rata refund relative to the remaining time in the Sprint you will be missing.

Note: this only applies for urgent life commitments. If you’re not in a position to consistently commit to creating content each week, as well as showing up to our calls, then it’s probably not the right time for you to join our Sprints.

...still reading I see?

I like your style.

If you couldn’t find what you were looking for just send me an email 🙂

What are you waiting for?

Legend, it's time to scale your digital influence, impact & income

Enrolments for the latest Storyteller Sprint cohort have closed. 

Join our waitlist so you’ll be first notified when we next open enrolments for the next Storyteller Sprint.


Enrolments for the January 2024 Storyteller Sprint close at 6pm AEST Friday 22nd December.

From then on, you can join our waitlist to be notified when we open enrollment for the next Storyteller Sprint.