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I'm Daniel 'Mamba' Odoi

The Smartphone Storyteller

Starting my career in 2 of the world’s leading tech companies, Uber & Wing (Google), working alongside some of the smartest people in the world, I kept coming to the same realisation…

We were overcomplicating marketing. 

A lot.

So I set out to learn the simplest way to connect with a online community.

And I discovered the answer in what you’re (probably) holding right now…

How can I help you?


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I’m obsessed with helping creative professionals level up their content.

"Each time we collaborate, the end result just gets better and better. His delivery, the energy, he's just awesome!"
Qiao Li

Global Creative Lead
The University of Melbourne
"He's a 3-in-1 unicorn! He's got filming. He's a creator. He's got the post-production editing. You have nothing to lose"
David Way-Marcina

Creative Director
"The content Daniel's created for us is absolutely exceptional. Super creative mind, clear communicator & organised.
Vicki Fletcher

Global Head of Content & Social
Flight Centre Travel Group
"...we have a process now. The team feels empowered to create video. It's not just one person's responsibility"
Matt Perrott

"I highly recommend Daniel if you're interested in getting better video content for your business"
James Kepui

Communications Officer
Wuchopperen Health Service

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